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USPI and the content they publish, are authentic. Nothing is fabricated or altered. We share our findings with an open mind, and ask that you have one when reviewing. We do not claim the existence of ghosts, we just offer you the opportunity to decide for yourself, and conclude only that our team respects your right to do so, while enlightening the paranormal community. Our investigations will always be thorough and honest, so the outcome may vary, we can only offer our opinion as to the activity you are experiencing. If our team finds no conclusive evidence of a haunting, we will submit to you our reason for refuting or debunking a case as being "haunted". If we believe you have sufficient evidence of paranormal activity, we will submit our official stamp of evidence found, and offer additional assistance, such as a "smudging" or energy cleansing, expert referrals, basic research, etc. We do not advise attempting an investigation on your own, and we forewarn against agreeing to an investigation by organizations or groups that charge a fee. USPI will never charge for their services. We do not believe in taking advantage of our clients. Donations are welcome, but we prefer an honest testimonial instead. We pride ourselves on the experience and impressions our clients take from us. Nothing is more important to us than knowing we were there for you when you needed us.