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Please feel free to use our Memorial wall to post in memory of your loved one.   All unrelated posts, spam or unwanted comments will be deleted. No URLs or ads!

 By using our public memorial wall, you agree to our terms of service. All posts that are not related to the main purpose of this guestbook will be deleted. No ads, URLs, links or inappropriate content. This is a sacred zone meant only for those wishing to respect the deceased. USPI does not endorse any product, or company or person and will never condone any attempts to portray that our organization is associated with them, unless USPI states otherwise. This entire site is comprised of copyright material and may not be lifted/used without consent. Please use our contact form to request an investigation, or leave a testimonial. If you wish to join our team, please remember to include contact information, approximate location, and why you want to become an investigator. Previous experience is appreciated. We look for individuals who conduct themselves in a professional manner. No criminal record. USPI members are prohibited to offer services for a fee under the USPI name and association thereof. USPI is a non profit organization. Please see our Disclosure page.